Название Краткое описание
RMEB — The Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library is a corporate electronic catalog of full-text educational resources of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Центр учебной литературы для высших учебных заведений —The electronic library presents a collection of 900 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The electronic library presents a collection of 900 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Multimedia textbook platform. Promo code for registration.
«Multimedia textbook» – is a set of software solutions that allows students to demonstrate, in addition to the text, educational multimedia material, which also contains interactive blocks of knowledge testing.
The ESPI base contains 1000 interactive animations-static, dynamic 2D and 3D interactive animations, full control and control: the ability to choose any angle and position.
AKNUR – Aknurpress the electronic library. More than 1000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids are in the open access.
The electronic library is a collection of 1000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Promo code.

PARAGRAPH  — The system complex of interrelated legal information, which contains the texts of normative legal acts, normative and technical documentation, comments on legislation and much other information. For full access, contact the automation department of the scientific library.

The database – Review of Media contains links of free publications on economics, economic policy in English (50% of total volume) of country directories. The database – Review of Media – is monitoring on topics of industrial policy of Russian Federation and countries abroad.
SPRINGERLINK — is one of the world’s leading interactive full-text databases of principally of scientific, technical and medical content (journals, books and reference materials) in such fields: as biology, ecology, medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, informatics, humanities, economics.
«THOMSON REUTERS» – The media company providing to users the analytical information, information solutions and databases in various directions.
«SCOPUS» — The database of bibliographic and abstract issues and a tool for tracking the citation of articles, published in scientific journals.
SCIENCE DIRECT —The leading information platform of Elsevier’sifull-text database is for scientists, educators, students, medical professionals and R&D departments of industrial enterprises, which contains 25% of the world’s scientific publications.

Название Краткое описание

Electronic Library Kazakh national agrarian research university
The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy – information and ideological complex of the current President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, which has functions as a library, archive, museum, analytical, cultural, educational and scientific-research center.
Kazakhstan National Electronic Library (open access) – a collection of electronic copies of books from libraries in Kazakhstan, including: the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, the Scientific Center of the Eurasian National University. Gumilyov “Otyrar kitapkhanasy”, regional libraries, university libraries and personally from authors: famous scientists, writers, public figures.
The Central Scientific Library of the Republican State Enterprise “Gylym Ordasy” of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest fund holder of scientific literature in Kazakhstan, performing the functions of a natural science depository (5.7 million copies).
Official site of the committee on statistics
Adilet (open access) – the  information and legal system of normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Adilet” carries out official publication of normative legal orders of the ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative legal decrees of central government agencies, normative legal acts of maslikhats, akimats and akims.
ZAKON.KZ – Information portal – the latest news of Kazakhstan and the world for today, weather forecast, exchange rates, legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
“Agricultural Sciences”- an open electronic archive of scientific materials by thematic area was created for the systematic lighting of scientific-  practical and innovative activities in the Russian Federation and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in an accessible form for a wide range of readers.
THE WORLD DIGITAL  LIBRARY – is the treasures of the world’s cultural heritage, collected in one site, such as manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, photographs, photographs, and architectural drawings.
DOAJ (Open Access) –  is an interactive online directory that indexes and provides access to high-quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. It contains 9,922 journals, 2,579,455 articles, and 122 countries around the world use this online catalog. Open access journals cover all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
DOAB (Open Access) is an online catalog of peer-reviewed teaching materials made available to the public by libraries and publishers. Contains 8,860 academic peer-reviewed books and book chapters from 225 publishers worldwide.
InTechOpen (Open Access) has released 3,208 Open Access books, the largest collection in the world with 45,621 scientific chapters.
Wiley Open Access – publishes authoritative and peer-reviewed open access journals in many disciplines. All scientific articles published in open access journals in Wiley are immediately open access for reading and downloading.
ARXIV.ORG (open access) is the largest free archive of electronic publications of scientific and republished articles with changes and additions in physics, mathematics, astronomy, computer science and biology.
OOAPEN Library (open access) contains free access academic books in the humanities and social sciences. OAPEN works with publishers to create a quality-controlled collection of open access books, provides services for publishers, libraries and research foundations, and ensures the quality of digital distribution and preservation.
Project Guttenberg – (open access) provides for the digitization and preservation in text format of various works of world literature – mainly texts that are in open access.
AGRIS-The International System for Agricultural Science and Technology (Open Access) is a global public domain database of over 8 million structured bibliographic records for agricultural science and technology.
OXFORD – Fully open access journals (open access) – contains 44 fully open access journals in medicine, natural and technical sciences
BIOMED CENTRAL – (open access) – an open access platform for reading and publishing scientific articles and journals. More than 400 scientific journals are available.
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS – (Open Access) publishes a range of open access academic journals and books, working with publishing partners. More than 3,000 scientific journal articles are available.
SPRINGER OPEN (open access) – the largest collection of open access resources from around the world – more than 560 journals and more than 120 books.
GOOGLE SCHOLAR – (open access) is a free search engine for full texts of scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. The Google Scholar Index includes data from most of the peer-reviewed online journals of the largest scientific publishers in Europe and America.
CYBERLENINKA– (open access) is a scientific electronic library built on the paradigm of open science (Open Science), the main tasks of which are the popularization of science and scientific activity, public control over the quality of scientific publications, the development of interdisciplinary research, the modern institute of scientific review and increasing the citation of science.
SCITECLIBRARY – Scientific and Technical Information Agency. The main ideological direction of the site is technologies, inventions, ideas, know-how and other scientific and technical developments in various fields of science and technology.
BOOKS GID – Free electronic library, which contains a wide variety of books, encyclopedias, reference books, manuals, a lot of useful and interesting information, as well as informative and popular science literature on various fields of science.
EASTERN MICHIGAN UNUIVERSITY – A digital library of scholarly and creative works created by students, faculty, and staff at Eastern Michigan University. The main fund of the site includes journals, dissertations, books, monographs, the site also has a subsection of the scientific research center and an archive of important events taking place at the university.
AIRCC– Free digital library, which contains articles about the achievements and results of research in the field of computer technology, engineering, computer science, multimedia, software.
ӘДЕБИЕТ ПОРТАЛЫ – Internet-library of works of Kazakh authors. The aim of the Internet portal is to popularize the Kazakh culture and the state language not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, by increasing interest in Kazakh literature. On the site, presented electronic publications in different languages.
EMIS – Zentralblatt Mathematics, presented electronic library provides access to online publications (journals, books, etc.), as a rule, free of charge, with the exception of some periodicals that appear in the public domain with a certain delay period.
Contains scientific and technical documentation: inventions and utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, computer programs, databases, topologies of integrated microchips.
“NATTIONAL INSTITUTE OF INTELLECTUAL INSTITUTE PROPERTY” – The site of the State Enterprise of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the MYRK. Contains: orders, rules, instructions; legislative and normative acts; database of inventions and useful models “Patents of Kazakhstan”.
United States Patent and Trademark Office. Full text of patents since 1790.
Kazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh electronic dictionary. Contains more than 60,000 entries for each direction of translation.
SCIENCE – Journal of publication of original, significant scientific research and research reviews, “Science” also publishes science news, opinions on science policy and other issues of interest to scientists and others involved in the implementation of scientific achievements and technologies.
NATURE – Science Journals  of the Company Nature Publishing Group.
Contains scientific articles of a fundamental and applied nature, review papers by domestic and foreign authors, with a methodological and methodological focus.
ACADEMIC  EARTH – all the lectures of the best universities in the world, presented on English, on the site, in particular: MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale and others universities. In order to search and collect the necessary material, it is better just to visit the site.
ABHINAV PUBLICATIONS -The site contains articles about art, scientific achievements, engineering, trade and the latest technologies in the field of education. Also published here book reviews, news, interviews of famous  persons.
ACADEMIC RESEARCH JOURNALS – The academic research journals of various subjects publishing of wide range of disciplines. The content of the site is intended for students, young scientists, academicians, teachers, researchers in the field of natural and technical sciences.
AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE – The site, which presents scientific journals on a wide range of natural and humanitarian disciplines. It is the world’s largest and most distinguished collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scientific journals.
DART-EUROPE – The center where representatives of research libraries and library consortiums workes together to promote the fund of research dissertations of European universities. Dissertations of various authors are freely available here.
The open electronic archive of Harvard University: more than 13 thousand different types of scientific papers (dissertations, books, articles, student papers in economics, law, medical sciences, pedagogy, etc.).
Artistic and popular science publications presented in the electronic version and also books by famous authors of various genres, audiobooks, scientific articles. The site contains thematic catalogs and sections.
Collection of peer-reviewed scientific journals in open access. Articles on ecology and safety, economy and business, problems in the field of education and the latest developments.
SOIL ECOLOGY LETTERS(SEL) – provides rapid publication of original scientific articles of scientific value that depict and explain the ecological processes that occur in the soil.
Socio-Ecological Practice Research (SEPR) публикует научные статьи о трансдисциплинарных исследованиях социально-экологической практики, которые стремятся к достижению двойного стремления производить новые знания и улучшать (а не просто информировать) экологическую практику.
A collection of open access journals in all branches of science.
Electronic collection of theses and dissertations.
More than 3700 books on various topics (social and human sciences, education, information technology, etc.).
Scientific and technical databases
Mathematics, computer science, business administration, psychology, etc.