About the library

About the library

The scientific library of KaZNAU includes the structure of 5 departments:

  • departments of service to readers;;
  • department of the scientific and bibliographic service;
  • department of the methodical service;
  • department of the automation service;
  • the department of compiling and organization of directories and sector of scientific processing of literature and bank of information.

The total area of the library is 5104,9 sq.m., the area of  book storage – is 1939,95 sq.m., the area of subscriptions – 1225,2, sq.m, total area of reading rooms – 1359,55 sq.m., number of seats in reading rooms – 860.

Service of readers in library is carried out by 2 subscriptions and 12 reading rooms. Subscriptions and  bookstorages are located in the educational casing №3, №4, №6 and in the educational casing №10. Five reading rooms are located in the educational casings of the university and five reading rooms are in houses of students, during the sessions service for  readers are opened to 19:00 in reading rooms.

Since 2014, the operation of electronic output of educational editions is implemented, the the card file of readers is entered in the department of service of readers of the scientific library.

The electronic output  – is a new modern service which we could offer for readers by the  implementation of the KABIS program. There are specialized reading rooms: the scientific reading room, the reading room of periodicals, the electronic reading room.

Reading rooms are equipped with 6 printers and 6 multi-function universal printers. There are 106 computers in all reading rooms, for operation with electronic directories and full-text databases of the scientific library and remote foreign databases via Internet.

Service Department Record and registrations are conducted of all students and magistrates of faculties, regular teachers and employees of university on the subscription of scientific library. A united library ticket is given to all readers. The library ticket prolonged for current academic year grants the right to reception of books and the electronic information in all structural divisions of library. In funds has the newest domestic and foreign literature.
Automation Department Automation Department – The department handles the introduction and operation of computer technology in the library divisions, providing support for automated library technology, training personnel and overseeing databases. The department staff provides methodical and practical help to the libraries by introducing automated biblio-techno-bibliographic processes.
Methodical Department The MD carries out the organizational-methodical management of the network of libraries. Accepts annual reports, sums up and analyzes the conditions of the work of the libraries; Predicts the development of library affairs; Develops the theoretical and methodical aspects of the basic directions of activity of the municipal libraries; Develops and issues grants for all directions of activity of the libraries, the methodical-bibliographic grants are devoted to outstanding; Carries out oral and written consultations for the librarians of all the systems and departments by a technique of organizing the work of the libraries; In the department a collection of literature concerning questions pertaining to library science, bibliographies and bibliology has been created.
Scientific Bibliography Department Scientific-bibliographical sector conducts information-bibliographical library instrument: electronic catalogue (BD articles); common systematic card index of articles; card indexes such as “the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “East Kazakhstan”, “Works of university scientists” are conducted in Russian and Kazakh. They keep information service assisted by IRI and DOR. Personal indexes of scientists of Kazakh National Agrarian University are being created; information bulletin “New literature arrival” and index “Scientific works and academic books, published in KazNAU” are systematically being released. Information lists and indexes are both in Kazakh and Russian. The library carries out “Information weeks” about new literature arrivals, Departments’ days, seminars with different groups of readers. The library conducts large work to support the educational process. We carry out different subject shows, literature overviews, and meetings with famous people.
Department of Acquisitions

The sector provides acquisition of library fund according to the orders of chairs for literature – Carries out in time registration of arriving and leaving out of the library fund literature and controls the fund movement;

– Systematizes the literature by branches of knowledge;

– Enters new acquisitions into the library electronic catalogue;

– Sector is engaged in technical processing of new acquisitions.