The meeting «Жырға толы жүрегі»

11 апреля 2019, at the reading room of the scientific library in the framework of the monthly «Заманауи студент өміріндегі кітап және оқу» was organized the meeting «Жырға толы жүрегі», devoted to the works of Almat Isadilov, the famous Kazakh poet, member of the writers’ union and journalists, the translator, the journalist, the head of the department for public relations of KAZNAU.

The literary meeting brought closer readers to the works of the poet. At the meeting,  teachers of departments of Kazakh and Russian languages and students listened and have read verses of A.Isadil, analyzed features of poetry of the modern poet.

At the reading room was held the book exbition «Жырға толы жүрегі», which discloses a creative career of the poet.

During the evening students Nursadyk Ayman, Adildayeva Kamshat, Alymkhan Nurzhan, Atamkulova Aruzhan, Satbay Moldir, Zhantyleu Aynur, Mahan Zhanys, Suyinova Gultazhy, Kalshabek Aklima, Bayzhumash Erzhigit, Ilyas Birzhan and library workers Husayn Akgul, Kylebai Aynur, Tebegenova Altynaray, the senior teacher of the department of Kazakh and Russian languages read verses and together sang the songs written on the words of the poet. Students received answers to their interesting questions.

In conclusion of evening to the students who showed activity in actions and the guest of evening of poetry Almaty of Isadilu on behalf of staff of library was handed by Letters of thanks and books of remembrance.

On actions participated – 53 readers. 13 students and 2 teachers were awarded with diplomas.