The literary evening «Рухани жаңғыру: Абай әлемі».

12 April 2019, at the reading room of the scientific library in the framework of the monthly «Заманауи студент өміріндегі кітап және оқу» with the participation of teachers and students of the University was held the literary evening «Рухани жаңғыру: Абай әлемі».

Abay is a poet, philosopher, composer, educator, thinker, public figure, founder of Kazakh literature. Abay – is a person possessing the beauty of words, poetry, and indelible luminous star of artistic literature. For his time and his environment, Abai seemed a mystery. The courageous poet without fear opposed the oppressors of the Kazakh people, warming their soul with a bright dream, like a bright light. Abay always dreamed of being not the son of his father, but the son of the Fatherland.

And today he has achieved his dream, recognized by the world, wise and perspicacious teacher, poet and genius of mankind. The name of the poet is immortal, his creations do not die, his way merges with way of the native people. And the proof is that Kazakhstan has become a sovereign state, and entered as an equal member in the community of the international organization, seeks to enter the top 50 developed countries.

The book exhibition on the theme «Рухани жаңғыру: Абай әлемі», and the review was carried out, dedicated to the works of the great Kazakh akyn. Students have read Abay’s poems in three languages, discussed, shared their impressions and analyzed the poet’s activity works.

Осы іс-шарасына 47 оқырман қатынасты. Белсенділікпен қатынасқан 9 студент пен 3 мұғалім мақтау қағаздарымен марапатталды.