The debate «Мен оқыған қызық кітап»

11 April 2019 in the reading room of the scientific library in the framework of the monthly «Заманауи студент өміріндегі кітап және оқу» was organized the debate «Мен оқыған қызық кітап».

The librarian Sydykova Ulzhalgas had told to readers about the role of books in human life.

Teachers and students, participants of the debate «Мен оқыған қызық кітап» shared their impressions about books they have read and told how books help to expand their knowledge. Kazybekova Manshuk Nurpeisovna, a senior teacher shared her impressions on the book «Mansap pen makhabbat», by S.С.Abdyraiмyly, Tulebaev Nurzhan Serikyly, Head of the laboratory said about the book A.Aziev «Uly Dala …» (from Abylayhan to Nursultan), students: Dyisen Erhalym  – «Songy Kosh», the novel by Kabdesh Dzymadilov, Jantiley Ainur  – «Ak shagala», lyrics by A.Bakhtigereeva, «Makhabbat», collection of poems by K.Akhmetova, Asem Sultanova have read the novel «Akhkan Seri» by Saken Junisov, Meruert Nyrlibekkyzy, the «Үміт үзгім келмейді» hikayat-monologue by Nemat Kelimbetov, Ayman Nyrsadyk, the tragedy «Hamlet, Prince of Denmark», «King Lear» by William Shakespeare’s  and shared her views.

The purpose of the event is to draw the attention of the young generation to books and reading. Exactly from books, we take the necessary knowledge, receive the important information, expanding our knowledge.


58 people were participated at the event. 14 students and 4 teachers were awarded with  diplomas for active participation at the dispute.